Chapter Management Recognition Award


The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration's (ASHHRA) Chapter Management Recognition Program is designed to assist you in the efficient management of your chapter during your term in office. This manual is intended to serve as a guide and to highlight some of the activities that are trademarks of successful chapters.

We suggest that you review the manual, and assign members of your chapter various responsibilities for the areas that are mentioned. This will ensure that no one is overwhelmed, and will also assist you in the succession planning process.

Each level will receive recognition at ASHHRA's Annual Conference and Exhibition as well as the following incentives:

Level Incentives 
4 Star $1,000 and 4 free annual ASHHRA memberships
3 Star $ 500 and 3 free annual ASHHRA memberships
2 Star $ 350and 2 free annual ASHHRA memberships
1 Star $ 200 and 1 free annual ASHHRA membership
  1st Time submission $100 + 1 free ASHHRA membership

The chapter must fully complete the level to receive the incentives. A chapter may complete as many levels as it chooses each year. However, to advance from one level to the next, the previous level must be complete. For example, to receive $350 and 2 free memberships the chapter must fully complete both 1 Star and 2 Star levels; to receive $1,000 and 4 free memberships, Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be complete. The levels must be submitted each year to receive credit - you may not complete level 2 this year because you submitted level 1 last year.

The Program is based on five categories:

  • Membership
  • Chapter Management
  • Communication
  • Programming
  • Chapter Projects

Award recipient will receive the following recognition:

  • Congratulatory letter from ASHHRA President 
  • Recognition and award presented at the ASHHRA Annual Conference
  • Recognition in the ASHHRA quarterly magazine, the HR Pulse

Chapter Management Recognition downloadable form

All materials should be sent to:
Regina Stoker

One North Franklin, 31st Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

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