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American Society of Healthcare Human Resource Administrators (ASHHRA) - (
     This link takes you to the national ASHHRA website.  Some areas of the site are free but National membership is required to access other areas of the site. 
Bureau of Labor Statistics(
     This site provides you access to a broad variety of US Labor Market Information, including demographic trends,     statistics and much more!
Business and Legal Reports (
     Free HR Tools
     This link takes you to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where you can search for information on EEO including how to respond to a complaint, mediation and legal requirements.
Employment Law Updates  (
     Free subscription link to receive HR employment law updates.
     International Association for Human Resources Information Management
MHA...An Association of Montana Healthcare Providers(
     This link takes you to the MHA recruitment website. 
     This link takes you to the Montana State Government Homepage.  From this site you can link to all the resoucrces available in state government.
Montana Job Service Home Page (
     Montana Job Service Employer a job, look for qualified applicants and access other Montana Job Service resources.
     Allows you to log in and register as an employer to post jobs or as a job seeker to find a job.
Montana Legislature(
     This link provides you information on the Montana Legislature including the ability to look up specific legistlation, legistlators, committee meeting information  and other legislative process information.


The ASHHRA Online Community is a form of social media where ASHHRA members and non-members can join together for conversations, sharing resources, and networking on various issues in health care HR.

     This link takes you to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration where workplace safety regulations and requirements can be searched.  Training resources, current initiatives and other useful tools are also available.
Sexual and Violent Offender Registry (
     This link provides you with information about individuals who may be required by law, because of a prior criminial record of sexual and violent offenses, to register with law enforcement authorities.  The site is searchable by multiple categories of offenses.
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) - (
     This link takes you to the national SHRM website.  Some areas of the site are free but National membership is required to access other areas of the site.
U.S. Department of Labor Regulations (
     This link takes you to the U.S. Department of Labor
What you need to know about HR(
     A jam packed site of information about HR and links to other HR sites.
     HR Trends & Tools for Business Results
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