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ASHHRA, in partnership with PwC Saratoga, formally invites its members to participate in the HR Metrics Tool. The mission of this partnership is to enable ASHHRA members to benefit from PwC Saratoga's expertise in HR analytics and knowledge of the health care industry in order to obtain relevant benchmarks for workforce and HR metrics.

PwC Saratoga PwC Saratoga is a global leader in workforce measurement, having been in the field for over 30 years, and works with over 600 companies annually to support the development of a fact/evidence based framework to align HR strategy with organizational objectives. Additionally, PwC Saratoga has a deep understanding of the challenges facing HR professionals in the health care industry. PwC Saratoga has worked with hundreds of leading hospitals to benchmark HR metrics and provide thought leadership.

Participation in the HR Metrics Tool consists of data submission in a benchmarking survey. Each participant will receive a personalized report that compares their organization's results against those of other participants. The HR Metrics Tool will launch in January 2012.

Benefits of participation in the HR Metrics Tool are:

  • Gain a better understanding of the investment in the HR function and its areas of strength and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Consistently measure and benchmark items like nurse turnover
  • Develop a comprehensive perspective on human capital management
  • Benchmark directly with your health care peers in a confidential manner
  • Establish consistent reporting on human capital metrics to enable accurate comparisons
  • Personalized reports with the ability to review data by a variety of segments

The survey will focus on the following metrics:

Retention and Separations

  • Turnover Rate
  • First Year of Service Turnover Rate
  • Nurse First Year of Service Voluntary Separation Rate
  • Nurse Voluntary Separation Rate
  • Average Tenure

Workforce Productivity
and Profitability

  • Workforce Employees Operating Cost per FTE
  • Labor Cost per FTE
  • Labor Cost Expense Percent
  • Nurse Overtime Pay Percent

Staffing and Hiring

  • Internal Hires Percent
  • Cost per Hire
  • Time to Accept
  • Nurse Time to Accept
  • Nurse Vacancy Rate

Workforce Diversity

  • Ethnically Diverse External Hiring Percent
  • Ethnically Diverse Headcount Percent

HR Cost and Structure

  • HR Costs per Employee
  • HR Headcount Ratio
  • Learning & Development Investment per Employee

Compensation & Benefits

  • Average Benefits per Employee
  • Health care Costs per Active Employee
  • Learning & Development Investment per Employee

The fee for participating in the HR Metrics Tool is $500 for ASHHRA members, and $1,000 for non-members.*

All participants will be provided with:

  • PwC Saratogas proprietary web-based data collection and reporting tool
  • Standardized instructions for each data element for the health care industry
  • Customized report containing your results compared against other organizations' results, with trended year-by-year results
  • A single point of contact for questions about data collection and benchmarks
  • Data collection webinars and user guides

Timeline for HR Metrics Tool



Registration begins for HR Metrics Tool (ongoing) Dec. 14, 2011 - March 31, 2012
2012 (2011 Data Collection) Jan. 16 - April 13, 2012
2011 Benchmarks Published to Participants June 2012

*Pricing is per facility and per facility in a multi-facility system. Systems with greater than 10 facilities will pay a maximum of $5,000.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or if you are interested in becoming a member.

Sharon Allen

Shebani Patel

* Pricing is per facility and per facility in a multi-facility system. Systems with greater than 10 facilities will pay a maximum of $5,000.
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